exhibits classic European art. Art in Europe has deep cultural roots and traditions. Nearly all of the most important styles and directions were created and developed in Europe. The term "European Art" is a product of all nations of the continent, which was created through centuries of wars and revolutions, inventions and catastrophes, kingdoms and religions. Conceptually, presents artists born and schooled in Europe. Most of our authors come from the former Soviet Union. However, they reside in Western Europe for years by now. This mixture of the famous classic Russian school, which was absorbed by the artists together with their mother's milk, and the addition of the academicals European style, makes the works exhibited in our gallery especially attractive for art appreciators and collectors. Several paintings of our authors can be already seen in national museums and private collections. Our constant exhibition will be constantly enriched by works of selected artists. In addition, temporary guest-envisages on our pages are already planned. The management of the gallery and the authors are always available to answer your questions. We will be glad to consult you personally and in a specific manner, in order to make your choice easier when buying works of art.

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